Pressure Cooker

Lay off the crack! (Pressure Cooker Crack Chicken)

I originally heard about Crack Chicken from my dear sweet friend Allyson. I thought this was just her name for it because her family could literally not stop eating it. Turns out other people call it this too! Who knew?

What she told me was to throw some ingredients in the slow cooker and several hours later there’s deliciousness. There’s nothing wrong with this obviously, but if you can do it in minutes rather than hours, that could be helpful…especially if you’re like me and rarely remember to get things into the slow cooker on the way out the door.

This chicken is good for so many things! It can be used with pasta as a pasta salad, on sandwiches, on a pizza or as a white lasagna…there’s a ton of options. It’s super easy and versatile, and it’s also delicious. I like it on big soft fluffy potato buns with cole slaw and a fruit salad.

Pressure Cooker Crack Chicken

2-3 pounds boneless skinless chicken breast

1 package dry ranch dressing mix

1 package dry Italian dressing mix

2 blocks cream cheese, cut into pieces

1 cup chicken broth

Bacon bits, to taste (I throw in a couple good handfuls from a big Costco bag I keep in the fridge)

  1. Place all ingredients into pressure cooker
  2. Turn cooker onto manual, high pressure, 15 minutes
  3. Allow pressure to come down naturally
  4. Remove chicken from pot; place in bowl of stand mixer with paddle attachment
  5. Mix chicken for 30 seconds or until shredded
  6. Mix sauce in pot with whisk until smooth; add chicken and toss to coat

Hope you like it!




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